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Making an Offer to Rent

Making an Offer to Rent

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Once you have seen a property with us that you would like to rent, we ask you to complete an application form and lodge a holding deposit. Until you have done this, we are unable to put your offer to the landlord so it is important to return the form and deposit as quickly as possible.

The application form gives you a full breakdown of the costs, explains the conditions of the tenancy and asks you to provide us with some background information so that we can tell the landlord about you.

The holding deposit is £400 and is fully refundable should the landlord not accept your offer for any reason If your offer is accepted then it will be put towards your first month’s rent. Once your offer has been accepted the holding deposit becomes non-refundable and the property is taken off the market.

To ensure that you meet the criteria laid down by our preferred independent referencing agency, please ensure that you meet each of the requirements below:

  • You are over 18-years-old
  • You can provide proof of identification (passport, driving license etc.)
  • You are in permanent employment
  • Your annual gross (before tax) income is at least 30 x your share of the monthly rent (e.g. if your share of the monthly rent is £600, you would need to earn 30 x £600 = £18,000 gross income)
  • You must not have any County Court Judgements (CCJs), Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVAs), or any other significant adverse credit entries.

If you fulfil the requirements above, please click on the following link to download the application form. Please return the completed application form to your property consultant or to The Holding Deposit can be paid via bank transfer and the account details are given on page 1 of the application form. Please ensure that you quote the property address in the payment reference and start the reference with 'HD' (e.g. if the property address is 91 Acre Lane, use reference HD91ACRELANE).

Click here to download our Tenancy Application Form

If you do not meet the criteria above you may have two alternative options:

  • Advance Rent Payment (this is likely to be between 6-12 months' rent to be paid up front)
  • Add a Guarantor to the application

A guarantor is someone that is willing to sign an agreement which states that they will meet the financial obligations set out in the tenancy should you not be able to.

Guarantors are usually friends or family members and to be suitable they must meet the full criteria given above and they must be a permanent resident in the United Kingdom.

An example of our standard tenancy agreement can be found here.

Payment Breakdown

  • The payment summery is explained on page 1 of the application form.
  • Please note that if you have been discussing a weekly rental price, the monthly rental price must be calculated in order to complete your application form.
  • To convert the weekly rent to the monthly rent, you must multiply by 52 (weeks in the year) and then divide by 12 (months in the year). For example, where the weekly rent is £310 pw, the monthly rent would be £310 x 52 / 12 = £1343.33 pcm. In this example the security deposit would be 6 weeks x £310 pw = £1860.

If you have any further questions or would like to speak with one of our lettings consultants, please complete the form on our Contact Us page and one of our consultants will be in touch to discuss how we can help you.