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Client Account Changes

Client Account Changes

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Changes to the Beresford Residential Client Account - February 2021

From 1st February 2021, Beresford Residential will commence the transition over to a new Client Account that is to be used by all clients (tenants and landlords) who are required to make payment to us. This new Account is a Ring-Fenced account used solely to hold client funds and is protected by our Client Money Protection Insurance.

We will write to all parties that are affected by the changes during February 2021 and the communication will quote this web page so that you can verify the authenticity of the communication. If you wish to verify this information verbally then please contact one of our branches or our Accounts Manager on 020 8064 0592.


We will make a single change to our Client Account details, as follows:

The Sort Code will remain unchanged (NatWest Bank): 60-24-77
The Account Number will change from 18976123 to 28410300

Any subsequent requests (other than reminders with the above details) are highly likely to be fraudulent and may be as a result of your email account having been compromised, so please do not act upon any subsequent communications that state anything that differs from the above information.

If you have any concerns about any request that you recieve please contact us by telephone immediately.